Caithness Poverty Action Group

Terms of Reference

Caithness Community Partnership

Poverty Action Sub-Group

PurposeThe Caithness Community Planning Partnership (CCP) recognises the widespread issue of poverty across Caithness and identifies the need to work as a community to try to mitigate as far as possible the cost of living increases.  The Sub-Group will ensure we work collaboratively and consistently to raise awareness of poverty issues across Caithness.   The Sub-Group will champion a partnership approach, supporting an ongoing dialogue with a range of stakeholders including service users and service providers.   The Sub-Group will look to bring together the key delivery bodies from across Caithness, we will look to highlight current opportunities for individuals and where appropriate develop actions where gaps are identified.
OutcomeThe key outcomes of the group are to:   Provide accessible information about the support available to the community to help them provide for themselves and their families. Provide local access to food aid to ensure no one goes hungry. Advice Services – Benefits, Debt, Energy, Income MaximisationIdentify opportunities for householders to receive financial support Open dialogue with renewable firms and those in supply chains developers to establish more potential Subgroups will be formed to focus on current areas of the action plan
MembershipOpen to representatives of community organisations and statutory bodies.  
Roles and ResponsibilitiesChair: Currently Stephanie Remers. Future to be decided by CPP Responsibilities lie with the group members and chair.
MeetingsMonthly – by Microsoft teams
Administrative ArrangementsCVG
CommunicationCommunication of the group membership meeting will be through email and meetings.   The group will provide regular reports to the Caithness Community Partnership.   The Chair will take responsibility for communication with Caithness Community Partnership. Updates to the public will be through HERE for Caithness online platform.
Decision MakingDecisions will be by consensus.  In exceptional circumstances and when required, voting will be on a simple majority basis.  The Chair will have the casting vote.
ConfidentialityAll group members must agree to confidentiality and data protection unless there is a risk of harm.
ReviewTerms of Reference will be revisited every year.

CPAG Members

Community GroupsHeather Urquhart – Caithness Community Connections Daniel Macleod – Dunbeath and District Centre Ian Ross –  Sinclair’s Bay Trust
Jane Macintosh – Halkirk association Julie Calder – Ormlie Community Association
Joan Lawrie – Thurso Community Development Trust Zoe Mackenzie – TCDT
Kate Lee-Miller – Caithness/Sutherland Women’s Aid Maysie Calder –  Sinclair’s Bay Trust Alexandre Glasgow – Caithness in Colour Jennifer Harvey – PPP Wick
Healthcare  Siobhan Leen – NHS Highland (Mental Health/community development) Lesley Martin – NHS Naomi Watson – NHS
Youth and schools                                                           Penny Gunn – Castletown Youth Club Helen Allan – Thurso Youth Club
Julie Mackinnon – Wick Youth Club Moira Sinclair – Newton Primary School Neil Mackintosh – Wick High School Denise Macleod – Caithness KLICS Rosemary Smith – Home-Start
EnergyEilidh Coll – Foundation Scotland Dean Wigglesworth – Home Energy Scotland Michael Cromby – Home Energy Scotland
Food PovertyGrant Ramsey – Caithness Foodbank
Pat Ramsey – Caithness Foodbank Michael Sutherland – CFine/FareShare
Highland CouncilRaymond Bremner – Cllr Andrea Wotherspoon – Community Support Matthew Reiss – Cllr
Income MaximisingSadie Kevill – Caithness Citizens Advice Michael Simpson – Caithness Citizens Advice
Climate Change/sustainabilityAmanda Betham – Highland Climate Hub Bethany Lawrie – Highland Climate Hub Bruce Donald – Highland Climate Hub (Researcher)
Funding AdviceYvonne Hendry – CVG
CampaigningIain Gregory – Caithness Roads Recovery
Fire ServicePaddy Farrell – Fire Service
CPPGail Prince – HIE
CVGAllan Tait Stephanie Remers Julie Marker

CPAG evidence gathering

A survey was taken at the end of 2021 and into early 2022 on home energy efficiency in Caithness. This survey is now in its second stage and engaging with community members through working groups and online sessions to get first-person responses about the current cost of living crisis and receive feedback on what the community would like to see in forms of support.